Do you struggle to find placeholder images for your websites in development? gives your designers and developers a simple, on-premises image server to serve and modify branded placeholder images.


  • Serve images from your computer or server
  • Randomly serve images from a directory or pick your images by filename
  • Dynamically change your images by updating the URL parameters, including resizing, adding text and rounding corners

It's Easy to Get Started

  1. Just download the local server to your computer or server.
  2. Load up the /images directory with your images.
  3. Run the server: ./serveimages
  4. Then embed the image in your site's code:
    http://localhost:9999/images/cats?text=x:100,y:100,color:gray,text:'Omg, I can haz images?'&resize=W:600,H:400"